The relationship between the attending doctor and the patient is a very important factor in the healing process, especially in chronic illnesses and long-term treatments.

Despite time pressure, you need regular feedback about the patient’s condition – your patient requires attention, continuous presence and time-consuming support. The German company SymCollect has created the fi rst “doctor-patient-app” with an integrated alarm system called “SymCollect”.
The “SymCollect”-app ensures a whole new quality of the doctor-patient relationship during the treatment of chronic or long-term illnesses: the doctor receives regularly updates of the general condition and symptoms directly from the patient.

When critical parameters are reached, an automatic alarm is activated in the medical office.

The patient, too, receives feedback on the progression of his healing process in form of easily understandable graphs. This means that the patient feels closely connected with the specialist in charge – and the medical office or hospital does not need a specific technical infrastructure. The „Sym(ptom)Collect“-app has been successfully used in a trial for several months during the treatment of patients with Multi System Illnesses, Multi Infectious Disease Syndrome and tick-borne diseases.


The LymeCare-app is based on an extensive survey of the Lyme-patient‘s health. The patient regularly answers all important questions about his illness on his device. Previous answers are automatically shown to allow a better comparison.

The questions are related to
» the typical symptoms of Lyme and its characteristics
» possible therapeutic side effects
» allergic reactions
» the most important environmental factors
» and the general health status Important symptoms (e.g. pain) can be recorded according to their intensity and location by using scales and graphs.

Important symptoms (e.g. pain) can be recorded according to their intensity and location by using scales and graphs.

The „LymeCare“ app for is specifi cally designed for chronic Lyme patients and offers a total of 119 questions in 8 different categories. However, it only takes from seconds up to a few minutes, to answer the survey, depending on how much the patient‘s state of health has changed since the last entry. As previous questions are saved, it is not necessary to answer the entire set of questions so the patient can skip whole categories.

At the end of the survey, the patient receives a statistical evaluation in the shape of 3 graphs and the physician can also access the individual questions:

1. A trend diagram which shows the development of the general condition according to fundamental factors

2. A spider diagram of the condition according to the categories per entry

3. A matrix diagram of the daily conditions in the 8 questionnaire categories

4. A list of the evaluated answers

When certain previously defi ned values show a 1 worsening of the patient’s condition, the doctor receives an automatic alert per email.

The app also has an immediate feedbackchannel: integrated message buttons allow easy, secure and reliable communication between doctors and their patients.


Efficient, automated and simultaneous communication between doctors and patients during the care for chronic or long-term patients (symptoms and progression are evaluated objectively)

Coaching between specialist and attending physician is possible (The specialist is able to see the patient’s data and receives alerts)

Scientific assessment of progression and success of treatments in chronic illnesses. (Aggregation of anonymous data for the use of institutions, research organisations and companies)