Sick? Lost? Alone in the rain? – Chronic illnesses and long-term treatment still pose many unsolved challenges for physicians and patients alike. That’s why we founded SymCollect last year. The Augsburg-based company was established with the encouragement of experienced medical professionals and pursues a clear mission: to create an app which keeps patients with chronic conditions in contact with their attending physicians between personal appointments at the practice.

How does SymCollect works?

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Where is the concept coming from?

Teamwork between leading specialized physicians and an experienced team of healthcare app developers led to the concept of the SymCollect app – the first doctor-patient app with an alarm system.

The first of these apps – LymeCare – has been used by patients suffering from chronic Lyme disease since the fall of last year. It has proven itself in practical use at many specialized clinics and practices and is offered to patients on the internet for free. Several volunteer teams of medical experts are currently developing content for further apps.

Why? Patients who are chronically ill and in long-term treatment require intensive care. The relationship between the attending physician and patient can be a decisive factor in the success or failure of treatment. Regular feedback on the patient’s condition also makes it easier for the physician to decide on which form of treatment to use.

If a patient wants to use the app and the clinic doesn’t offer direct cooperation, the patient can still download the app free of charge and use it to keep a diary in order to maintain greater certainty of his or her own condition.

To the LymeCare app, click here!

» OnkoCare (for patients with cancer)

» DiabetesCare (for patients with Diabetes)

» PainCare (for pain patients)

» MukoCare (for Mukoviszidose patients)

» UroCare (for urological problems)

» SymResearchCare (for studies and research reasons)