LymeCare & more

The first SymCollect-App used – the LymeCare-App – has been successfully used for trial for several months in the “BCA-clinic” in Augsburg for the treatment of patients with Multi System Illnesses, Multi Infectious Disease Syndrome and tick-borne diseases. It is based on a standardised mental status questionnaire helping to take care of patients with chronic transmissible lyme diseases.  After analysis of the data, the patient receives a weekly report of his daily input. In case of important changes of the status the doctor gets an immediate information.

SymCollect proposes a detailed sample questionnaire which  can be changed through the responsible doctor when necessary. In addition the alarm parameters can also be set individually by the responsible doctor.

The statistical analysis done by SymCollect over some months is a suitable tool to control, document or adopt the therapy respectively. It can show success of various medications or possible different therapies.

In parallel to the employed „LymeCare“- version in the BC-Clinic at Augsburg, various other versions are being developed in several languages:

» „OnkoCare“ (for patients with cancer)

» „DiabetesCare“ (for patients with diabetes)

» „PainCare“ (for patients with pain)

» „MukoCare“ (for patients with cystic fibrosis or mucoviscidosis)

» „UroCare“ (for patients with urological ailments)

» „SymResearchCare“ (for studies and research purposes)