The new LymeCare version 3.0, now with medication-diary. Comming soon!

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LymeCare Browser Version

The new browser version to our app LymeCare is now online.

If you already have an account you can log in with your existing account informations. And what if not? Just register yourself for free.

For more information about LymeCare click here!

The browser version is compatible for all mobile devices and PCs with internet connection.

The website supports the Internet Explorer(Microsoft), Chrome, Firefox and Safari (Apple).

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What todo if the app seems stucked after a questionnaire?

Some app users were reporting a stucked saving screen after the questionnaire. The circel goes round an round but you can not go back nor forward.
Solution: Just press the home button on your Apple device twice and wipe the SymCollect app upwards. Now open the app again. No worries the data have been saved correctly.